Installing HSBC CPI on Linux

HSBC provides a elf files to enable their CPI Integration with site.

List of files which we will be using

shared object file ``

and execuutable files

CcOrderHash.e [use to build HASH]
CcResults.e   [landing page from HSBC site]
sample.html  [example ]
TestHash.e    [for testing installation]

We need to copy `` into a directory which stores shared libs.
I kept file into `/usr/lib/` directory

Then i copied the executiable files [files having extension .e] into cgi-bin directory
eg. /var/www/cgi-bin/ in my testing environment.

Please check the access for executable files.

Now try to run

If you find following error

./TestHash.e: error while loading shared libraries:
can not open shared object file: No such file or directory

We need to install the respective lib or need to make a link to existing installed lib


ln -s

OR try to install if no such lib is installed on your machine by giving following command

yum install libstdc++-compat

For further reading